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Y aún yo te recuerdo.

En los pensamientos, que llamaradas son, estás y me queman de placer...

31 May 1988
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Hmmm... Let's see... I'm Piru, I'm from Argentina (I believe blindly that I do NOT belong here) and I am a pastry chef. Also a huge sucker for other languages (Obviously speak Spanish, English, French, a very basic German and Swedish, I remember how to read Ancient Greek and Russian, and I hope I've forgotten everything about Latin).
I ended up in fanfiction obviously after seeing Alexander. I used to write some but now I think that without feeling down it's muuuuuch harder. So far, I remain reading very little.
I absolutely loe to learn and get to know new things, though the learning process often bores me quick enough.
I usually (try to) write, or play drums, and I am always cooking everything (from pasta to cakes). I also take belly dance classes, and recently discovered singing as well. So yeah, basically, I cannot be without nothing to do...
So, that's it. (Why did I think my bio would be more interesting? XD )